Red Dead Redemption 2: Serial Killer Clue Locations & Guide

Although there is already a lot of blood, violence and death to take in while playing Red Dead Redemption 2, the game also features a small plot about a serial killer on the loose, a violent killer who leaves behind a trail of bodies, along with a mystery that begs players to solve it. For those looking to complete the mission, a grisly journey through the map of the game awaits them, but here's how to solve the case once and for all.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players take on the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of the infamous Dutch van der Linde gang. In the game, players can explore a massive area, which leads them to special quests and missions that enhance overall gameplay. Although finding the serial killer isn't necessarily a game priority, there is a certain sense of justice that solving the murders offers. But let's face it: tracking down a serial killer, even in a video game, isn't always necessarily that easy.

To find the first clue of the killings, go to the area between Strawberry and Wallace and find a road that intersects with the railroad there. There's a trail of body parts, along with a note that says, "Do you see?" Follow the bloody path to the top of a hill. Upon that hill is a rock with a severed head, which contains part of a map.

The second clue is south of Valentine. Here, a bloody trail leads beneath a railroad. There's another severed head here, along with a second map piece. It seems the serial killer wants the player to find him. There is also another message that says,"Look upon my works." That's not creepy at all.

The last clue is east of Braithwaite Manor and south of Rhodes. Here is yet another trail of blood with a third head and the final piece of the map. The map also contains a series of numbers and a diagram of a safe. The full map indicates a secret area known as "Lucky Cabin," which is southwest of Valentine. Use the clues given to find the cabin and go to the basement. Turn on the lantern and search the room to discover two letters and a knife. Touching the knife triggers a fight with the killer. Eventually, the choice to turn in the killer (which nets a $20 reward) or kill him becomes available.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is not only living up to its reviews as one of the best games of the year but is also breaking sales records for its developer, Rockstar Games. There are certainly more hidden gems within its gameplay, too, things that will keep players in the Wild West for a very long time.


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