Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Guide: Silent Assassin, Challenges, & More

While Hitman 2 has offered up expansive destinations like Miami and the jungles of Columbia that are fairly unique to this entry in the franchise. The fifth mission, however, is a bit of a throwback to the 2006 Hitman: Blood Money mission “A New Life,” taking place in the suburbs of the Whittleton Creek community.

Perhaps as a nod to that classic mission, one of the main missions for Hitman 2’s Whittleton Creek location is titled “Another Life” and involves Agent 47 assassinating a man named Janus, who used to work for the Providence organization. On top of that, players will need to take out his head of security, a man named Nolan Cassidy. This will all have to be done while Agent 47 tries to blend into the suburbanite lifestyle and discover clues that Janus is still affiliated with Providence. Players should not take this mission lightly, however, as there are a plethora of armed guards surrounding your targets and plenty of challenges involved.


Unlike previous targets who follow patterns that will lead to perfect opportunities for Agent 47 to kill them, this particular area of Hitman 2 will require the player to make their own, especially in regards to Janus, who has health issues and doesn’t really leave his house. One method involves disguising Agent 47 as a nurse, who can be found at a southern creek, and meeting with Janus (An Apple a Day mission challenge). This method will require players to act fast and sneak away from the guards, who will want to do a background check before letting nurse Agent 47 see Janus.

Another method is to sabotage Janus’ oxygen tank and leave him a pack of cigarettes – which is a factor in his health issues – and wait for nature to take its course (No Smoking mission challenge). Yet another way to accomplish this assassination is to offer to take care of the moles in Janus’ yard and fill the holes with bombs, which will handily take care of him when he checks Agent 47’s work (Whack-a-Mole mission challenge). As always, these are just a few of the many methods available to players, though these particular options are probably the best for not attracting too much attention. Once again, there’s always the run and gun approach.

Cassidy is more like other targets found in the game, as he has a schedule that he follows strictly and attentive players can exploit this fact. Players can play friendly with Cassidy and convince him to attend a cookout nearby with free food that can naturally be poisoned by Agent 47 beforehand (Charbroiled mission challenge). Another option involves disguising Agent 47 as a realtor, showing him a house with advanced security, and then killing him with that very security system (House for Sale mission challenge).

Of course, Whittleton Creek will require more than killing to finish completely, as players will still have to find the needed clues that prove Janus is still a Providence member. First, offer the mailman help in delivering his package and do so. Then ring the doorbell to cause a distraction before sneaking around the back and into the shed found there. It’s here that you’ll find a document. Next, players will need to go to Cassidy’s home, take the VHS tape, and then play it at house 429 (in the attic). Finally, players will find a photo in Janus’ basement protected by a guard. Take him out and grab the photo.



  • Cassidy Bodyguard: Though easy to find, perhaps the best option for this is the guard patrolling Cassidy's garden.
  • Janus Bodyguard: Find the guard reading on the bench near the creek.
  • Nurse: Again, the nurse is found near the creek admiring the ducks.
  • Exterminator: Found near his van, located near the Batty residence standing near a bush.
  • Gardener: Found in front of Janus' house, follow the gardener back to his truck and then subdue him.
  • Server: One server can be found in the upstairs area of the Wilson house while another can be found at the top right area of the map at the muffin stand. Turn on the radio to draw him into some nearby bushes.
  • Real estate broker: Also found near the muffin stand, players can poison one of his muffins and then take him out when he goes to be sick.

  • Rat poison: Found in the house located on the opposite side of the muffin stand.
  • Remote CX detonator: Needed to blow up the explosives in the mole holes (assuming players didn't bring their own), this can be found near a police car at the top left of the area.
  • Propane: Found in the house on the other side of the statue and needed for the Charbroiled mission.
  • Microfilm viewer: This item is essential to viewing one of the three clues and is found in the attic of the Wilson house.
  • Wilson house key: Found in the kid's room of the Wilson house, which is also where the entrance to the attic is found.
  • Janus house key: Many Janus security guards carry one as does the gardener. Alternatively there's one found on the table inside Janus' house.
  • Batty house key: This can be found on the exterminator.
  • Cassidy house key: This is also found on the exterminator.
  • Insecticide: Found on the construction site, in the green storage crate.
  • Rake: Found in the back of the gardener's truck.

  • Finger on the Pulse: Complete the Apple a Day mission.
  • Sold!: Complete the House for Sale mission.
  • Reasonable Scope: Kill all targets with a sniper rifle from the tree house.
  • Unreasonable Scope: Kill both targets with one shot from the sniper rifle from the tree house.
  • Memorabilia: Get Janus to come to the basement and impale him on the hammer and sickle statue.
  • A Buffet To You, Sir: Complete the Charbroiled mission.
  • Sneezing Suspicion: Complete the No Smoking mission.
  • Monster Cookie: Poison the cupcake located in Janus's bedroom.
  • Doable Scope: Kill one target with the sniper rifle from the tree house.
  • Explosive Potential: Complete the Whack-a-Mole story.
  • Death from Below: Complete the Whack-a-Mole story.
  • Tea Time: Poison Janus' tea pot.
  • Pass Gas: Complete the Pest Control mission.
  • Straight Shot: Kill a target with a headshot
  • Tasteless, Traceless: Poison a target.
  • Whittleton Creek Blackout: Kill both targets with electricity
  • Whittleton Creek Electric: Kill one target with electricity.
  • Piano Man: Kill a target with fiber wire.
  • Hold my Hair: Drown Cassidy during Charbroiled.
  • Someone Could Get Hurt: Kill a target and make it look accidental.
As always, there's an abundance of methods for taking out the two targets on the Whittleton Creek area. The suburb-style setting is a nice change of pace from the more expansive and bigger city settings and a little less harrowing than the jungles of Colombia. Though, now players are nearing the end of Hitman 2 as there's only one final mission after this.


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