Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Guide: Silent Assassin, Challenges, & More

While the Miami mission of Hitman 2 had players in the relative comfort of sunshine and an assassination mission that allowed for Agent 47 to blend in easily, the third mission isn't so easy-going. Leaving Miami for Colombia, Agent 47 finds himself fighting the cartel in the Three-Headed Serpent mission of Santa Fortuna.

Hitman 2 ups the assassination count once again from two targets to three (hence the Three-Headed Serpent name) and sees the player targeting three high ranking members of the Delgado cartel, including the head of the family himself: Rico Delgado. Not that everything is business only, as the Santa Fortuna location does have a small village to explore as well as a small expanse of jungle for the more touristy type. Like the rest of the game, it looks absolutely incredible, but eventually players will want to get to the meat of the game: assassinating targets.


As previously mentioned, the Santa Fortuna mission in Hitman 2 will require players to take out three different members of the Delgado cartel: Rico Delgado, the business manager of the operation Andrea Martinez, and the drug maker Jorge Franco. Delgado himself is probably the hardest to get to, as he's constantly surrounded by guards. Most of the silent methods involve luring the patriarch out of his fancy home, though there is one particular method involving impersonating a tattoo artist that will require Agent 47 to infiltrate the Delgado compound. Once there, players can feed Delgado to his own pet hippo.

If hitting Delgado outside of his home sounds more appealing, there are a few methods the player can utilize. One involves an unveiling of a statue of Delgado that the man himself will be attending, though the statue's foundation is weak. Another involves sabotaging Delgado's underground submarine engine before he takes it for a test spin. Of course, players are free again to use the standard methods or the ones covered in the challenges below.

As for Martinez, she spends a lot of time in the local village so assassinating her shouldn't prove to be too difficult. If she's in the village, Agent 47 can arrange for an on-site work accident for her when she visits some uncooperative construction workers at a nearby project. Players can also keep an ear out for some relationship issues happening within the cartel that Agent 47 can influence and lead to an early demise for Martinez. Failing that, players can also wait for Martinez to visit Delgado's estate and poison her drink with rat poison and wait for her to be sick in the bathroom before taking her out entirely.

As for Franco, the best method is easily acquiring the circuit board and repairing his cocaine machine and then pushing him into it. This serves two purposes as it kills him instantly as well as hiding his body from suspicion. As with any of these missions, players can approach any target first that they want as this isn't as time restrained as the previous Miami mission (though the characters still follow patterns and players will have to be patient).



  • Drummer: Found toward the back of the village, players should follow the loud music to find the drummer for the band playing the statue unveiling already dead.
  • Shaman: On the main road leading out of the village, players will find two guards talking near a jeep. Take a left and head into the jungle and follow the path until you find the shaman's hut. After his ritual, the shaman can be knocked out and his robes stolen.
  • Tattooist: Used for infiltrating Delgado's estate, the tattoo artist can be found drinking at the bar. Simply poison his drink when he's not paying attention and the tattooist will rush to the bathroom where he can be knocked out for the disguise and thrown into the dumpster outside.
  • Construction worker: On the left of the village, fairly close to Martinez' office building, there's a construction worker all by himself in one of the buildings. Turn off the radio to distract him and then subdue him for the disguise.
  • Backpacker: At the hostel, you'll see the backpacker on the balcony talking to someone. Eventually he'll leave and players will be able to follow him somewhere a little more isolated to knock him out and take his clothes.
  • Cave worker: Follow the woman at the food stall to the back of the fishery, where you'll find her husband hiding alongside his outfit that can be used to sneak into the caves and sabotage Delgado's sub.
  • Mansion guard: At the back of Delgado's estate, there's a single guard watching over the drug lord's pet hippo. Knock him out to steal his outfit (remember, Delgado can be fed to his hippo under the right circumstances).

  • Rat poison: This item can be found on a shelf in a warehouse that's near the fishery.
  • Glue: Knock out the mechanic at the edge of the village and take the glue from him, which is in turn used to repair a child's toy bus for drug smuggling purposes.
  • Circuit board: This is the item mentioned earlier and it's important for killing Franco silently. The item is found in a red box above a crashed plane a little ways off from the shaman's hut. Players can throw fruit at the box to knock it down.
  • Poison flowers: These are located all around Santa Fortuna, but they're more centrally located near the shaman's hut. They are purple and very hard to miss.
  • Coca lab keycard: Located in a small hut at the back of Franco's coca farm. Sabotage the air conditioner to lure the person inside out.

  • Caution: Heavy Machinery: Push Franco into the machine.
  • Hard Hat Area: Drop the cane on Martinez.
  • Exit, Stage Left: Push the statue onto both Martinez and Delgado.
  • Still As a Statue: Complete the Shaman mission.
  • A Strong Foundation: Kill Martinez with the cement mixer.
  • Special Delivery: Put an explosive in Martinez' mailbox.
  • Splash Landing: Use the submarine to kill Delgado.
  • It Looks Just Like Her: Kill Delgado with the tattoo gun dressed as the tattoo artist.
  • Deadlier Art: Shoot the chandelier in the Delgado complex and have it fall on and kill Delgado.
  • A Bite Out of Crime: Push Delgado into the hippo's pool.
  • Bait and Switch: While she's reading the love letter, push Martinez off the balcony at the Delgado estate.
  • The Secret Ingredient: Use lethal poison on the Backpacker rather than rat poison.
  • Mind the Step: Make Franco slip to his death while he is looking for flowers.
The jungles of Santa Fortuna certainly offer more dangerous landscapes than the Miami mission, but it also proves just how diverse and layered the world of Hitman 2 really is.


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