Hitman 2 Mumbai Guide: Silent Assassin, Challenges, & More

Each section of Hitman 2 seemingly tries to either up the stakes or the creative methods in which Agent 47 takes out his targets and the Mumbai portion is no exception to this rule. Instead of taking down a cartel or murdering a man with his own robot, however, players instead will find themselves embroiled in a mystery.

The fourth mission in Hitman 2 takes players to the streets of Mumbai where they are again tasked with assassinating three different individuals before Agent 47 can move on. This time around, however, there's a catch: they must first find out the true identity of one of the targets before they can proceed. The moniker this mysterious entity decides to go by is the Maelstrom, who is the leader of an equally mysterious gang. The other two targets are fairly straightforward: Dawood Rangan and Vanya Shah, to other ranking crimelords in Mumbai.


While Mumbai is one of Hitman 2's smaller maps, it packs in quite a lot of detail and the mystery of finding out who the Maelstrom is adds a unique twist regardless. At the beginning of the mission, titled "Chasing a Ghost," players must discover clues to unveil the Maelstrom's identity. To begin, head to the headquarters of the Crows, the gang that the Maelstrom is in charge of. This is located in the middle of the slums. Once there, try and find the Elite Crow disguise and infiltrate the main area to find a picture of the Maelstrom.

For a more silent approach, head to the barber shop after this and, once the barber heads to the second floor, incapacitate him and steal his key. Posing as the barber, go down to the shop and simply wait for the Maelstrom to come in. Once offered a shave, the Maelstrom will sit and the player can kill him and hide his body (this will complete the A Close Shave mission challenge). Another option is to kill the Maelstrom while he's visiting one of his old flames (part of the Flames Rekindled mission challenge). Of course, if silence and subterfuge isn't your style, players can always go in guns blazing if they so choose.

Like all of its targets, Hitman 2 offers variety in killing Shah as well. In the A Dress to Die For mission challenge, players will have to assume the disguise of the tailor and then locate the coin on the second floor of the shop. After this, acquire the Cerulean Cloth from the cloth merchant in Slum Square and meet and kill Shah and her servant. Alternatively, go to the laundry mat and assume the identity of the Foreman. Meet Shah and push her off the ledge (part of the A Matter of Discipline mission challenge).

For Rangan, there's a few different fun methods, one of which doesn't require Agent 47 to do much of anything in the way of killing. Head to the Chawls and fix the sniper rifle for another assassin (Shah has put a hit out on Rangan). Disguise yourself as a guard and use the elevator shaft to get to the third floor of the tower. Take out the painter and use his disguise and then simply paint Rangan and wait for the other assassin to do Agent 47's job for him (Broad Strokes challenge mission). Alternatively, players can sabotage the industrial fan on the set of Rangan's movie and he'll be blown off the tower to his death (Gone with the Wind challenge mission).

Again, these are not the only methods for taking out the targets but they are the quickest and easiest for getting in and out without enemies noticing. Always keep an eye out for Maelstrom's Crows, as they are constantly patrolling the area in Mumbai and will notice anything amiss.



  • Painter: Found on the third level of the complex tower, best used for completing the Broad Strokes mission.
  • Security crew: To get this disguise, go to the construction site using a pipe and find the lone security guard smoking a cigarette.
  • Bollywood crew: This is a vital disguise for the Gone with the Wind challenge as you'll need it to get close enough to the industrial fan to sabotage it. Use rat poison to send the crew member perusing the buffet and take him out in the bathroom.
  • Foreman: Needed for the A Matter of Discipline mission, get this disguise by taking out the fuse box which will bring him outside.
  • Elite Crow: The easiest guard to take out for this outfit is to take out one or both of the guards protecting the entrance to the sewer.
  • Barber: While players can wait for the barber to go up to the second floor, as mentioned above, another method is to knock him and his wife out after they finish arguing.
  • Tailor: The best place to take out the tailor is down an alleyway, where he'll be hiding from Shah.
  • Gregory Arthur: This disguise can be used for the Picture Perfect mission challenge, which is similar to the Gone with the Wind challenge but has players disguising themselves as Arthur, a famous photographer. To get this disguise, wait for Arthur to head to the river and then knock him out.

  • Rat poison: This item can be found in one of two places: a storage room in the tenement building and in the house of a former lover of the Maelstrom.
  • Maelstrom photo: Found in the main area of the Crows HQ, the photo is sitting on a table.
  • Movie screenplay: An essential part of the Gone with the Wind mission challenge, this item is found in the elevator shaft against a beam. Throw something at it to knock it loose.
  • Cerulean Cloth: Bought from the cloth merchant in Slum Square using the coin found in the Tailor's shop.
  • Measuring tape: An item that players can use to kill Shah, this item is found on a table in the Tailor's shop.

  • Mumbai Blackout: Kill all targets using electricity.
  • Stand Still: Use the measuring tape to kill Shah while dressed as the Tailor.
  • Team Time: Players must disguise themselves as a servant and poison Shah's tea at her train yard hideout.
  • Barbershop Duet: Complete A Close Shave mission.
  • Waiting for a Sign: Kill Maelstrom with a sign.
  • Within Scope: Kill one of the targets with a sniper rifle while perched on the outlook post near the beach.
  • Me Time: Go to the train station and make your way to the roof.
  • It Was His Biggest Fan: Complete Gone With the Wind mission.
  • Mumbai Electric: Kill one of the main targets with electricity.
  • Proxy Killer: Complete the Broad Strokes mission.
  • Within a Broader Scope: Perched on the outlook post, kill all three targets with the sniper rifle.
  • What's Your Flavor: Poison Maelstrom's gang.
While not overly different from other missions in Hitman 2, Mumbai does offer quite a bit of variety and a somewhat intriguing mystery for players to solve that sets it apart from the previous three areas found in the game. Either way, there's still a ton of challenges here to make a completionist happy.


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