Hitman 2 Miami Guide: Silent Assassin, Challenges, & More

Hitman 2 has a ton of various locations for players to explore, but perhaps none are as vibrantly beautiful as the Miami location. It’s also a highly more complex area for Agent 47 to travel through compared to the first prologue mission offered.

There are seven locations offered in Hitman 2 (six if the prologue’s Hawke’s Bay is discounted) and, while previous games in the franchise have certainly offered complex areas with lived in environments before, nothing really comes close to the most recent entry. The Miami location is the first hint of this fact and it’s the first real indication of just how sandbox-like the game can be. Unlike Hitman 2's Hawke’s Bay, Miami is vast in size and scope and offers more challenges and avenues toward completing assassinations.


For the Miami level in Hitman 2, Agent 47’s goal is to assassinate Robert and Sierra Knox, who are father and daughter. Sierra is a competitor at the nearby racetrack while Robert will mostly spend his time at the Kronstadt building. While both will have to be eliminated before the Miami mission can end, it’s recommended that players view the level as two separate assassination missions (these are broken up into various stories with unique titles depending on the method used).

For Robert, there’s a particularly fun method involving having his own robot kill him. To complete this, follow a man named Ted to the Marina, kill him, and take his clothes, and then take a meeting with Robert. Beforehand, go to the Conference Room at Kronstadt and rip a photo of Robert from a magazine. During the meeting with Robert, scan the photo of him and his own robot will kill him. Make sure to change clothes before leaving.

Another method involves poisoning coconut balls at a food truck with rat poison, serving them to Robert (wearing the Florida Man’s clothes) as he walks by. When he goes to the water to be sick from the poison, push him in and it’ll count as an accidental kill. Of course, players can also use the standard avenues, which embodies the classic Agent 47 approach.

For Sierra there are even more methods, including poisoning her while dressed as a medic, dressing up as her blackmailer, and booting her down an elevator shaft, or sabotaging her vehicle during the race while she’s at a pit stop. Keep in mind, most of these methods are time sensitive so players should have a solid idea of the type of assassination they want to utilize before getting too far into the mission as well as the proper disguise. For players looking to kill both Robert and Sierra at once, it’s best to do this during the race or when prizes are being handed out.



  • Mascot: To find this disguise, go to the parking garage and activate the Pretty in Pink mission. Do the necessary steps outlined by the mission. Once you have the disguise, players can follow Sierra to a deserted location and push her down a hole.
  • Pit crew: In the north stands of the race track you’ll find a pit crew member. Once he heads toward the toilet, take him out and steal his outfit. Players can use this disguise to sabotage Sierra’s vehicle during a pit stop and kill her that way. This is part of the A Perfect Machine mission.
  • Security guard: Players will find the security guard near where the pit crew member wanders. Throw a coin to distract the guard and then knock him out and steal the uniform.
  • Waiter: Get access to the VIP area and find the waiter behind the Kronstadt paddock who is smoking a cigarette.
  • Technician: Found in the expo hall of the Kronstadt building, the player can behind the walls to the right of a race car. There, two technicians can be found. Wait for one to be by themselves and then take them out.
  • Ted Mendez: This is the man players will need to kill to set in motion The New Army mission and will lead to Robert being killed by his own robot.

  • Rat poison: This can be found in a shack on the opposite side of the marina. Players will need a lockpick or crowbar to access this area.
  • VIP tickets: Find the ticket scalper near the medical tent, throw a coin to distract him, and then knock him out and take his VIP tickets. These can be used to easily access the VIP area.
  • Sugar: This item is needed for blowing up Sierra in one of the assassination methods, and can be found behind the bar at the driver’s lounge.
  • Octane Booster: Used in one of the various methods for killing Robert, this item can be found in the Kronstadt expo hall right behind the experimental race car on a shelf.
  • Kronstadt building key card: Behind the walls of the expo hall where the aforementioned technicians are found there’s a key card sitting on the table to very right.

  • The Man and the Sea: After Robert is poisoned by the coconut balls and running to the water, shoot the fish trophy and it will fall and kill him instantly.
  • Better Burn Up Than Fade Away: Complete The Triumph mission, which involves blowing Sierra up using the pyrotechnics set up at the Kronstadt center near the two officials eating lunch.
  • Pink Menace: Push Sierra down the elevator shaft.
  • Under the Sea: Lure Robert to the aquarium and under the shark. Shoot the shark and it’ll drop on top of him.
  • Hot Shot: After Sierra drinks the shots at the VIP race bar, fill the cups with chili.
  • The Florida Diet: Use the coconut balls to assassinate Robert.
  • External Combustion Challenge: Complete the Turbo Charged mission, which involves sabotaging the engine of the experimental car and putting in the octane booster before blowing up Robert.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: Put poison on the winner’s trophy and then sabotage Moses so that Sierra wins the race.
  • Ocular Administration: Poison Robert’s eye drops.
  • Doctor 47: Dressed as the medic, poison Sierra by calling her to the medical tent with the intercom and putting the poison in the IV bag.
  • Wheel of Misfortune: Complete A Perfect Machine, which is done by dressing as the pit crew member and sabotaging Sierra’s vehicle during a pit stop.
  • Days of Thunder: Complete A Perfect Machine, but instead of sabotaging the engine, put a remote explosive in there instead.
  • Vitamin Overdose: Poison Sierra’s vitamins before she takes them.
  • Moving Target: Kill Sierra with a sniper rifle while she’s driving.
  • The Tree Falls on the Apple: Push Robert from the viewing platform when he’s close to Sierra’s car.
The Miami section of Hitman 2 definitely has more to offer than the Hawke’s Bay prologue mission. Not only is there a ton of methods for taking out the level’s two targets that will have players returning again and again to the same mission, but the methods themselves are creative and uniquely implemented into the game.


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