Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Guide: Silent Assassin, Challenges, & More

It's come to this: the final mission in Hitman 2 sees Agent 47 heading to the Isle of Sgàil and looking to put an end to the Ark Society, an Illuminati-like cult. While the game has certainly provided challenging kills in its other five missions, some of the toughest challenges are easily found on this final outing of Hitman 2's main campaign.

The Isle of Sgàil will have players infiltrating secret meetings with cult-like rituals, performed by the elite rich members involved in a plot to control the world and humanity's future. It sees Hitman 2 evolve beyond missions that simply saw Agent 47 killing targets with their own robots or blowing someone off a rooftop with an industrial fan to become something more akin to a conspiracy theory in video game form. The main targets are Zoe and Sophia Washington, two high ranking members of Providence. As always there are multiple avenues to completing Agent 47's mission and some of the kills are the most creative in the game.


While assassinating Zoe and Sophia is the top priority for Agent 47 on the final mission of Hitman 2, there's also an optional side mission to extract the Constant, the leader of Providence. It's highly recommended that players follow through on this side mission, however, thought it's ultimately up to them. However you proceed, taking out the sisters is obviously the what Agent 47 is there for and should be the main focus on the Isle of Sgàil.

For Zoe, there's a few different fun methods that players may want to try. Perhaps one of the best involves sabotaging the escape door under an effigy so that Zoe goes up in flames during a ritual (A Phoenix From the Ashes mission challenge). Players will want to be dressed as the Master of Ceremony for this avenue. If sabotage isn't your game, players can also fire a cannon at her while she's locked inside the effigy. Finally, there's the option to collect all ten commemorative tokens and bring them to Zoe, after which she'll take you for an interrogation where you can electrocute her with the electroshock machine found within (Final Club mission challenge). This last method is very difficult, however, and isn't recommended if players are short on patience.

As for Sophia, players can disguise themselves as Jebidiah Block, one of her enemies on the council, and then attend the meeting in her place. Vote against her until she tries to torture Agent 47 with an iron maiden and then push her in (Winds of Change mission challenge). Alternatively, there's also a method that involves stealing an Aztec necklace, taking the disguise of Blake Nathaniel and showing off the necklace to Sophia. When she asks you to put the necklace on her, strangle her with it (It Belongs in a Museum mission challenge). For another, and rather fun, method, dress as the previously deceased Janus (from the Whittleton Creek mission) and kill Sophia with a dagger in the room with the harpist (Last Honors mission challenge).

As for extracting the Constant, the easiest method involves killing Sophia and Zoe first, stealing their killswitches that control the explosive device around his neck and then threatening him until he complies with to leave. Of course, there is a challenge that involves killing the sisters after the Constant has been extracted but this can be a little more difficult to pull off.



  • Initiate: This disguise is easily found targeting the member aimlessly perusing the Upper Courtyard.
  • Custodian: Turn off the generator on the Upper Courtyard in their rooms to distract and knock both of them out.
  • Master of Ceremonies: Find the Master of Ceremonies in the Chapel, steal his schedule, and then knock him out.
  • Ark Member: The easiest Ark Member to target is found in the VIP above the Upper Courtyard, where you'll find a lone person standing in front of a container.
  • Event staff: Players should make their way to the second floor of the Memorial Room to find a staff member guarding a door. Activate the hoover and take him out.
  • Castle staff: On the balcony near where the event staff uniform is found, climb a beam to the upper floor. Turn off the fuse box to lure a castle staff member and then knock them out before turning the fuse box back on to avoid further suspicion.
  • Jebediah Block: Needed for the Winds of Change mission, Jebediah on the roof of the Armory with guards around him. Distract a guard using the generator as Block and a second guard move away, move in quickly and poison his wine glass. When he moves to the end of the roof, knock him out.

  • Rat poison: Found under the effigy in the control room.
  • Cannonball: Used for the cannon, this item is found by a hole in the lower part of the Chapel.
  • Castle master key: Found in the Penthouse sitting on a table.
  • Killswitch: Two of these are found on the corpses of the Washington sisters.
  • Commemorative coins: 30 of these in total exist on the Isle of Sgàil and are found scattered around the island.
  • Aztec necklace: Found in the Gallery under close watch by guards. Turn off the alarms and break the glass to retrieve it.

  • The Final Countdown: Kill Zoe and Sophia after the Constant has been extracted.
  • Fell for It: Push Sophia from the tower, completing the Social Climbing mission challenge.
  • Rock Bottom: Push the gargoyle on Sophia that's located next to the funeral procession.
  • Boom Goes the Dynamite: After Zoe is in the effigy, shoot and kill her with the cannon.
  • Blood Money: Beat the Last Honors mission.
  • Case Closed: Beat the Winds of Change mission and kill Sophia with the iron maiden.
  • Little White Lies: Beat the Final Club mission.
  • ...Now You Don't: Beat the Phoenix From the Ashes mission.
  • Sleight of Hand: Beat the It Belongs in a Museum mission.
  • Mistaken Identity: Kill Zoe with the necklace.
  • King of the Castle: Kill both sisters by throwing them from the penthouse balcony.
That wraps up Hitman 2's main campaign missions, but there's honestly so many challenges to each of these locations and missions that players will find themselves going back again and again to check another one off. This is especially true for the completionist and just those who generally like to see the twisted and often hilarious methods that Agent 47 can take out his various targets.


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