Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay Guide: Silent Assassin, Challenges, & More

Hitman 2 has finally released, continuing the franchise’s near 18-year murder extravaganza surrounding main protagonist Agent 47. Like previous entries, Hitman 2 provides many different avenues for players to carry out their mission, though for those who want to try a stealthy approach, there are specific methods involved to do this successfully.

While it carries the title of Hitman 2, the game is the seventh entry in the franchise. A direct sequel to the 2016 HitmanHitman 2 follows Agent 47 on a globe-trotting mission to take down the mysterious “Shadow Client” and his entire organization. Before players get into the real meat of the story, however, (which runs approximately 7-10 hours in lengthHitman 2 offers a free prologue to get a handle on the game’s mechanics and assassination methods.


Unlike the rest of Hitman 2, Hawke’s Bay is a smaller mission that goes easier on the player than the rest of the game. The mission only involves one target by the name of Alma Reynard, the leader of a terrorist group. Agent 47 is initially there to gather information on the aforementioned “Shadow Client” before turning his attention to Reynard and her illegal activities.

For a method that doesn’t involve getting Agent 47’s hands too dirty, poison Reynard’s sugar and honey (one of which she’ll randomly select to put in her tea) with lethal poison fills found in the upstairs bathroom. Then just sit back and let the poison do its job. Another method involves using fiber wire while Reynard brushes her teeth (Orson Mills, her significant other, will be showering unaware while this happens). Yet another silent way to get the job done is to simply smother her with a pillow when she finally goes to sleep. Really, Hitman 2 offers a method for all kinds of play styles.

If quiet isn’t really the modus operandi for your Agent 47, there’s always the option of going in guns blazing. However, with this method, Reynard’s guards will take her away to a panic room. This room can still be accessed via the roof or by adjusting a painting in her office and strolling on in. In fact, whether players utilize a quiet or loud strategy, it’s probably a good idea to check out the panic room for Reynard’s computer password and erase footage of Agent 47 from the CCTV hub.

Whichever method is used, once Reynard is dead, players will need to sneak back to the boat they came in on. Assuming the player hasn’t or doesn’t want to kill the guards, sometimes they will discover Agent 47’s boat, so a distraction will need to be caused. The best method for this is to find a nearby truck that has an abundance of fuel tanks stored in it and cause a big explosion. This will bring in guards quickly, so make sure to sneak off to the boat as fast as possible.



  • Hired Mercenary Outfit: Hawke’s Bay only offers one disguise: the Hired Mercenary outfit and… well, it’s pretty much useless. Guards will still recognize Agent 47 as an imposter and it does not provide access to any areas players couldn’t otherwise access without it.

  • Rat Poison: If you’re going the deadly poison route, some rat poison can be found on the shelves in a storage room on the ground floor of the house.
  • Chloroform: This can also be used in Reynard’s tea, though this will only cause the guards to move her to the panic room. This is found in the back of a van in the garage area of Hawke’s Bay.
  • Squeaky Dog Toy: These can be found spread throughout the house. Try not to step on them as they’ll alert any nearby guards (and Reynard herself).
  • Lockpick: One of these can be found sitting on Reynard’s desk in her panic room. It’s used to unlock a door that leads up to the roof. The lockpick cannot be found on Master difficulty.
  • Poison Pills: These are found in the upstairs bathroom’s lockbox.

  • Chameleon: This challenge is completed by putting on the Hired Mercenary outfit.
  • No Running On The Tiles!: Push someone into a pool to complete this challenge.
  • Orson Bathes: Kill Orson Bathes while he’s showering with a kitchen knife (which can be found near the bar on the first floor).
  • Death of a Statesman: Poison Orson’s glass of whiskey with the poison pills found in the bathroom.
  • Mr. Sandman: Kill Reynard with a gunshot through the skylight above her bed while she sleeps.
  • Piano Man: Kill Reynard with the fiber wire.
  • Hold My Hair: Assassinate Reynard by drowning her.
  • Someone Could Hurt Themselves: Make Reynard’s death look like an accident (poisoning should work for this one).
  • Straight Shot: Kill Reynard with a gunshot to the head.
  • Tasteless, Traceless: Kill Reynard with lethal poison.
  • Smells Like Nail Polish: Pump poison into the bathroom ventilation system to kill Reynard.
  • Versatile Assassin: Get the Piano Man, Someone Could Hurt Themselves, Hold My Hair, Straight Shot and Tasteless, Traceless challenges to earn this reward.
Like the other entries in the series, Hitman 2's opening prologue offers a plethora of methods for all kinds of play styles and, with its various challenges, many opportunities to return to the mission even after completion. Still, this is only the beginning and just a small taste of what Hitman 2 has to offer.


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