Zeus' Battlegrounds Is Essentially A God of War Battle Royale

Today, Industry Games joined the Battle Royale gaming genre by announcing their own entry: Zeus' Battlegrounds. This game joins the leagues of mega hits like Fortnite  and PUBG in the genre that is dominating the video game market over the past year.
Industry Games is a relatively new developer with only one previous title, Kings and Heroes. Many of the assets from this previous RPG title seem to have been reworked into Zeus' Battlegrounds. The combat also appears to be a reworked version of the game, made more balanced for a jump-in-and-play game style.

In a press release, Industry Games announced Zeus' Battlegrounds - a free-to-play, melee-based, Battle Royale game that harkens back to the days of Greek mythology. Players hop into an arena populated with 99 other demigods to prove that they deserve to join the ranks of those on Mount Olympus. Industry Games also released a short trailer highlighting the fast-paced gameplay. Take a look:
Battle Royale games are among the most popular titles on the market right now, for both streaming and playing. Though Fortnite and PUBG seemingly have a corner on the market, AAA titans like Call of Duty are looking to crush the competition with upcoming additions. It's a veritable Battle Royale to see which company will end up on top. Based on the trailer alone, Industry Games might just have a shot at success. Their game seems to be taking a unique approach to the concept, highlighting a specific period in time that has yet to be tackled. It's certainly not a direct clone, like the poorly reviewed Fear the Wolves.  The gameplay notably is not only melee, and seems to feature spears, bows and arrows, and god-like abilities. The captured footage is certainly reminiscent of early God of War games and more recent titles like For Honor. It's hard to gauge the precision in which players will need to hit their enemies, if there are combos or cool-downs, and how high the skill cap can go, but the premise is certainly exciting.


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