Spider-Man PS4 Photo Mode Trailer

When you're playing as Peter Parker, no ordinary camera will do, so Insomniac Games has unveiled an incredibly detailed Photo Mode for Marvel's Spider-Man . Coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in just under a week, Spider-Man promises high-flying, web-slinging open world gameplay from the makers of Sunset Overdrive.
A trailer for the game released earlier this month featured a voiceover from J. Jonah Jameson, fuming as usual about Spider-Man being a menace to New York City. As much as he hates the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Jameson also knows that the web-spinner can sell a lot of papers, and therefore can frequently be heard demanding that people bring him pictures of Spider-Man. Now, you can oblige.

There have been plenty of games with Photo Modes before, with Grand Theft Auto V offering some particularly beautiful shots, but Marvel's Spider-Manhas perhaps the most impressive and detailed Photo Mode we've seen in an action game so far - which makes sense, given Spider-Man's day job as a photographer. The Photo Mode trailer shows a few different examples of how pictures can be taken and edited on the fly, with different angles, filters, frames and stickers. You can even adjust Spider-Man's eyes to make him emote in different ways for the camera. Check out the trailer below.


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