Shadows: Awakening Review - Dungeon Crawling With A Twist

There is no shortage of isometric RPGs available on the market, and the number that has been coming to consoles is growing all the time. Perhaps spurred on by the success of Diablo III , which built upon the modest success of previous titles such as the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance games and the Sacred series, it became apparent that what had previously been a PC-only experience could hit an entirely new audience.
One of these games is Shadows: Awakening. The project, from developer Games Farm and publisher Kalypso, follows that similar isometric action RPG model: a world full of a variety of beasts and warriors to defeat, an emphasis on the drop of good loot, and a set selection of characters to build up. Throw in some puzzle elements and the hints of larger fantasy world outside of its set maps, and it ticks plenty of boxes for those who are fans of the subgenre.

There is, however, a difference here. In Shadows: Awakening, the player does not just control a single character tasked with saving the world. Instead, gamers will find themselves in control of a demon who can shift between other characters at will, each with their own different play styles. Initially given just one extra soul to control, eventually players are able to choose from a small army of characters, with three slots available at any given moment alongside that of the Devourer demon.
It's a neat premise that helps easily separate the game from its peers. In effect, it means that gamers will be in control of up to four characters at a time, swapping between them all depending on what style of play they need at any given moment. This could be both fast-paced warriors or heavy-hitting golems, as well as long-range weapon specialists and spellcasters, meaning that the title has the variety that other games can't provide – after all, even though Diablo III gives players a fair few characters to choose from (with some extra skins on the upcoming Switch version ), this allows players to change every second if it suits them.


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