PUBG PS4 Release Leaked By Korean Rating Board Website

Popular video game PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally heading to the PlayStation 4, according to an online leak. PUBG was the game that started the game industry's obsession with the battle royale genre, and after a long wait, it appears that it will finally launch on the best-selling platform of this generation.
Originally released on PC, PUBG has since received versions on Xbox One and mobile platforms. Competitors emerged for the battle royale game, however, with the likes of Fortnite's free-to-play battle royale mode releasing on all current platforms, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V following suit in the near future. The console market space is massive, and PUBG is missing out without a PS4 version.

That is all set to change based on a listing for PUBG on PS4, found on the website of South Korea's Game Content Rating Classification Committee . While it's fair to be skeptical of the leak's accuracy, there is a precedent for this very body revealing this kind of information before. A similar incident occurred with the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite , which hadn't been officially announced at the time.

With a large number of consumers worldwide owning a PS4, a logical conclusion would be that a version of PUBG for the console would be a sales powerhouse. But with the stiff competition in this day and age, a PS4 PUBG may have an uphill battle to face. Not only is Fortnite free of charge, but the game also has enjoyed a nearly year-long head-start on the PS4. With Fortnite likely causing PUBG's player count to drop , it's arguable that PUBG has already lost too much momentum to catch up on the platform. Plus, the game will face the challenge of competing directly with H1Z1 - another battle royale game that happens to be on PC and PS4 only, not Xbox One. Aside from PC, it seems that the PS4 may soon become the only video game console to contain every major battle royale game on the market.


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