Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review: A Smooth Football Experience

For a long time there's been a war for the crown of the best football game on the market. For many, the most obvious choice is the FIFA series, given the sheer number of fully licensed teams and competitions available. However, some move away from EA Sports, and instead swear by Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series for its greater level of authenticity.
Konami has been involved in football games for a long time, with its roots in the genre running deep. The company first took to the sport in the 1980s, and over the years the company has honed its craft well with shifts into different series. The most important of this was the handover from International Superstar Soccer to Pro Evolution Soccer, and PES has earn itself a deserved reputation for delivering a flexible, realistic approach to soccer built on perfect mechanics.

Thankfully, those expectations will still be met with Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. The quality of the football on show in the game is extremely high, and players would be forgiven for thinking that some of the plays have been taken directly from a real snippet of the beautiful game. This is particularly true with attacking play, where some of the fluid passing movement feels almost palpable.

A lot of this comes down to the way in which Konami has been able to emulate the flow of soccer. There's a seamless, shifting nature to PES 2019 that rivals have still been unable to emulate, although FIFA does seem to get a little bit closer every year. Because of this, PES has managed to break away from the rigidity of play that often comes from sports simulations, which are often so intrinsically tied to tactical formations over individual play.


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