Dragon Quest XI Review: A Magical And Near-Perfect RPG

The perfect RPG does not exist, or does it? Enter the release of Square Enix' Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, the latest entry in the long-running Dragon Quest series. Not only is this title a joy to play, but it brings a particular kind of magic back to RPGs that has sorely been missing from recent titles.
The first Dragon Quest game released on the original NES in Japan in 1986 and the U.S. in 1989. Since then, there has been a slew of other Dragon Questgames, including spinoffs, as well as novels, manga, and two anime series. That's a lot of history, but the good news is that players unfamiliar with the franchise will have no problem diving into Dragon Quest XI. And that's the beauty of this latest title: it taps into what made the previous games so wonderful but also serves as a bold and beautiful introduction to the wonderful world of Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest XI follows the quest of the Luminary, a boy who comes to realize that he is the key to saving the world of Erdrea from a dark force known as the "Dark One.' As is the case with any such quest, he ends up with his share of allies, those characters that want to help him save the world from evil. That also means that he has his share of enemies, including an entire kingdom who have mistaken him for the Darkspawn that will destroy the world. The Luminary must travel all over Erdrea and learn what it is he needs to do to save his world from certain doom, all the while staying one step ahead of his enemies.


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