The Ace Starter Pack is now available for players to unlock in Fortnite . It includes the Ace skin, 600 V-Bucks, and the Swag Bag Back Bling. Epic Games has been adding plenty of new things to Fortnite of late, such as the Galaxy skin and a mysterious purple cube , so the addition of yet another skin is no surprise.
The Ace Starter pack replaces the Wingman starter pack, which was a dollar cheaper than the Ace, retailing at $5.99. However, the Ace skin is one of the most aesthetically interesting skins players have seen in quite some time, and its look justifies the price tag, despite the relatively low amount of V-Bucks in the pack. In this sense, it's probably a much better purchase than the Wingman pack was. Also, now that players know their money is safe thanks to the steps they took to get the Boogie Down emote , there's no longer any financial risk attached to getting it.

The brand new Ace skin, which is the main part of the Ace Starter Pack, is very easy to get if player follow the following steps. The steps are a little different depending on the platform you play on, so this guide will cover all of the platforms that Fortnite is available to play on.
PlayStation 4
  • Access the PlayStation Store via PSN.
  • Search the Store for the Ace Starter Pack.
  • Purchase it using the card/PayPal account associated with your PSN account.
  • Launch Fortnite, and your new Ace Starter Pack will be waiting for you.
Xbox One
  • Access the Microsoft Store on your console.
  • Search for the Ace Starter Pack and purchase it using the associated card.
  • Launch Fortnite, and the pack will be there.


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