Spider-Man PS4 Fans Argue About Downgraded Graphics - And Puddles

With PlayStation 4's  Spider-Man just around the corner, developers at Insomniac Games are denying claims that the game has undergone a graphics downgrade. Accusations are flying as players and Insomniac are going head-to-head while arguing over puddles. That's right, puddles!
Swinging across the New York skyline, there's no denying that the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man looks visually amazing and could be a hot contender for Game of the Year. While battling with the likes of Vulture, Shocker, and maybe Doctor Octopus , something as small as a puddle of water seems like a tiny drop in an ocean as big as Insomniac's open-world Spider-Man. That being said, Puddlegate hasn't stopped a Twitter war between developers and gamers that has been going for over a week.

It all started when one fan posted two screenshots of Spidey taking on a group of goons in a construction site. Highlighting the first image from 2017 and the second from 2018, spiydaman accused Insomniac of "another' downgrade:
@insomniacgames @JamesStevenson @bryanintihar What's with the downgrade yet again? #SpiderManPS4
(top is 2017, bottom 2018) pic.twitter.com/bab85E624A
— Spidey (@spiydaman) August 20, 2018
Grabbing the attention of the official Insomniac Twitter, the account replied and said it was simply a change in the size of the puddle rather than a graphics downgrade. While the issue could've ended there, other eagle-eyed sleuths suggested that Spider-Man's costume and the shadows also looked worse than the 2017 version. Taking the matter into his own hands, Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson responded via his own personal Twitter to reiterate there has been "NO DOWNGRADE."


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