Mortal Kombat Studio is Definitely Working on a New Game

NetherRealm Studios confirms that developers are hard at work on a new game but is still refusing to reveal what the upcoming title is. Known as the studio that now runs the Mortal Kombat series and brought the two Injustice games to life, fans are undoubtedly questioning whether Mortal Kombat XI is on the cards.
Since Warner Bros. took over Midway Games and rebranded into NetherRealm, the past eight years of development has only given gamers two Mortal Kombat games. With 2011's rebooted Mortal Kombat garnering a slew of positive reviews, it's proof that NetherRealm at least knows how to handle the long-running franchise. That being said, in a world where the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate grabs headlines for killing Luigi and Tekken prepares to swing a wire-wrapped bat by  introducing The Walking Dead's Negan , Mortal Kombat is in danger of being left behind.

As some look to find their fix of fighting games elsewhere, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon posted an update on Twitter to celebrate the 8-year anniversary of NetherRealm Studios:

More than just a trip down memory lane, Boon reassured gamers that his team is working tirelessly on NetherRealm's "best game yet.' While there isn't much learn from the post, a photo shows two men in motion capture suits. Presumably working on another fighting game, NetherRealm could be edging close to a Mortal Kombat XI announcement.
Boon recently denied rumors that NetherRealm's next game  will be the long-awaited Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe 2 , and with Injustice 2 only hitting consoles in 2017, Mortal Kombat XI looks like a likely contender. Also, with news of a Mortal Kombat movie on the horizon , hype surrounding the fighting series is getting bigger by the day. That being said, with  Boon already teasing a Mortal Kombat announcement back in May , players should take all of the above with a heavy pinch of salt.


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