Madden 19 Review: The Best Football Game Yet... Mostly

Madden 19 isn't a huge step forward for the long-running football video game franchise. There's nothing too shocking in store for football fans, especially those who played the previous entry, Madden 18. While the changes and improvements are minimal, they still exist. Madden 19 is a superior game to its predecessor in (almost) every aspect.
Madden 19 is the best football video game out there. Unfortunately that statement comes with a pretty hefty caveat. This is because Madden is literally the only NFL game on the market. Still the newest entry is well worth the investment for any American football gamer, especially if they've sat out some of the more recent Madden games.

Madden 19 doesn't reinvent the wheel. All of the standard modes are still present: Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, Exhibition (online and off) and the returning Longshot story mode. The highlights are, of course, Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). They're by far the most substantial game modes and it's easy to sink dozens of hours into both without even realizing.

Both Franchise and MUT have managed to strike the perfect balance between welcoming newcomers to their many game systems and appealing to the hardcore sect. It's a slow immersion process in learning how to improve your team(s) in both Franchise and MUT but it's not hard to catch up and be an expert in no time. Within a couple games, it's simple to know where to spend experience points and what line-up will produce the best results.


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