F1 2018 Review: A Racing Marvel For Purists

Formula One is, for many motorsport enthusiasts, the most important of all the classes of motor racing. Because of this, F1 used to hold prime place among the roster of officially affiliated sports video games, with the nineties into the early millennium seeing a number of fantastic adaptations. However, for a few years, F1 video games dramatically dropped off the map.
Of late, however, Codemasters has been returning F1 adaptations to their former glory, with F1 2016 and F1 2017 proving to be as close as ever to what fans of the sport wanted from a game. This year’s entry, F1 2018, is perhaps the most refined of the bunch. It may have smaller improvements than its predecessors, but this is definitely a case of the developer perfecting its previous framework as much as possible.
At its core, F1 2018 feels quite old-fashioned in a good way. There was a high point for motorsport simulations some time ago, where there was a very clear divide between arcade-esque racing fun and the more dry, serious side of motor racing games. It’s this era that F1 2018 most calls back to, a far cry from the more recent hybrids of Forza, where the less showy realities of motorsport feel more
like additional flourishes than an integral part of the racing experience.

For those who want something quick and easy, F1 2018 probably won’t deliver. It’s not a game that 

provides instant gratification, with a requirement to practice and perfect each race, and where 

milliseconds count beyond more than just an online leaderboard.. This is a game that does not just 

reward players for honing their abilities: instead, it is effectively required.


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