Destiny Fans Discover Revealing Info About The Darkness

Destiny 2 might finally be unveiling a few details about The Darkness, the series' most mysterious villains. A recent data-mining adventure from some Destiny fans unearthed info that provides some clues about the race's appearance and powers, with the potential for even more detail coming in the upcoming Forsaken expansion .
The Darkness has been present in Destiny from the very beginning, juxtaposing The Traveler and the Light that the Guardians subsist on as a kind of all-consuming, mindless hunger. Originally, it wasn't a hundred percent clear whether The Darkness referred to a kind of galactic power, an ascended tribe of one of the other villainous races within the game, or an all-new race that was coming later. Slowly, fans began to piece together the likelihood that The Darkness was the latter, and with the new info, that seems all but confirmed - with some interesting twists on what they represent, too.

The datamine in question was highlighted by a redditor named dobby_rams , who produced a collection of new character The Drifter's lore tabs. What followed was a description of what seems to be a planet filled with creatures who belong to The Darkness race. The description makes them sound almost as though they are ancestors from which some other races descended, but fans can glean what they want to from this quote from the datamine:
"Anyway, this thing - the creature - looked like it shared common bioenergetics with the Hive, but there were no records then or since that I've ever seen of Humanity's encounters with them. And the creature had a property the Hive did not have. It produced a field that repressed Light - like a Darkness Zone, but contained to a gooey, vacuous form with no head."

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