DC Universe Launch Date Confirmed For Batman Day in September

Batman Day will be the official launch date for  DC Universe . DC is diving deep into the online space with the creation of a digital service that will be the house of a variety of items. They've revealed that DC Universe will hold almost every DC property ever made for the screen, whether those be films or TV. There's also going to be an extensive library of digital comics at the disposal of fans to re-read iconic runs, or read the stories that inspired whatever programming they are watching.
In addition to the comics, films, and TV shows, there will also be a daily show committed to delivering DC related news on all fronts. They're introducing the concept now with Kevin Smith hosting a live-stream, and he just confirmed when the service will be launching.

DC officially announced that DC Universe will launch on Batman Day, which is September 15. This leaves just over two weeks between now and when the service launches. It is currently available for pre-order, so fans can currently purchase the service to ensure they'll be among the first to use the service on day one, to further allow them to celebrate Batman.

Now that the release date for DC Universe is here, hopefully it won't be too much longer before we know exactly what programming will be available upon the launch. There's a wide library of titles and comics that DC can use to help launch the service, but what exactly will be available on day one isn't known. Considering the launch comes on Batman Day, it is very likely that a heavy amount of content will be dedicated to the Dark Knight.


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