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Modern Warfare 4 May Include Free-to-Play Components After Black Ops 4 Disappointment

Infinity Ward's next Call of Duty is all but confirmed to be the highly anticipated follow-up to the beloved Modern Warfare series, and it's rumored that publisher Activision is considering implementing free-to-play components in the game after perceiving Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to have underperformed.
A return to the Modern Warfare setting has been rumored for the 16-year-old Call of Duty franchise for a while now, and whispers only grew when a small group of professional athletes got their hands on a playable build of the latest title. More recently, an influx of veteran Modern Warfare developers, along with a detachment of story-driven experience experts from Naughty Dog, were noted to have been making their way back to Infinity Ward, a movement of talent that points to a new Modern Warfare about as subtly as a blazing marquee. Activision has made it clear to investors that Infinity Ward's next franchise installment will feature some big changes to the Call of Dutyform…

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